Friday, February 24, 2017

Rest, relaxation and PD points - Bali retreat follow up

I have a follow up on the Bali PD retreat idea. As you remember from two posts ago, I have contacted the organisers to suggest that it would be nice if they set up a retreat that would be useful for neuropsychologists. I had a terrific response. They have an option of running a neuropsychology/testing retreat between the 8th and 14th of October this year if there was enough interest.

I was most impressed and promised to find out if people would be interested in the idea. So I’d appreciate an email (IzaWalters at if anybody would like to go. The information about a general psychology retreat is on

I am not yet sure about the details and how we would source the content. Maybe through some people offering to give a talk or seminar in their area of interest? Any ideas appreciated, as the organisers seem to be willing to work out a retreat to our liking.

No commercial interest in this for me, but I could do with a nice Bali holiday. 



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