Monday, May 2, 2016

Power Diary for the management of a private practice

I just came across information about Power Diary - a practice management and scheduling tool - and I really like it.

It gives you scheduling tools that, apart from normal functionality, includes goodies such as client self-booking portal one can put on a website and the capacity to sync with Google Calendar. It can be used by a single practitioner or a whole practice. It keeps client data and has capacity to claim from Medicare. It handles billing and payments, and exports data to Xero accounting package if required.  Nice!

It promises good security - both in terms of backup and privacy. The product has been developed in Australia (by Damien Adler, a psychologist from Ballarat), so it likely meets all the privacy criteria we need - but always check this information for yourself.

I use a practice management system I developed for my needs, and I am unlikely to change, so I can't give you a personal review. Unless, that is, I get seduced by the joy of having a self-booking client portal on my website.

In the meantime, is anybody using it, and if so, can we have a review??



PS: Some good information sent by Daniel Jarvis:
Practice management software can get very convoluted.  Personally Power Diary wasn't going to work for me but was a close runner up. 
I would be really interested to see peoples thoughts on Power Diary measured against Healthkit and other services.  The APS had a resource on different services as well although I think it is starting to get dated now ( 

 Thank you Daniel!