Monday, October 12, 2015

PARiConnect is lovely

I have finally investigated PARiConnect. This is another online platform for test administration, with some interesting neuropsychological tools (for example TOGRA looks really good for some clinical uses).

I needed a child version of BRIEF it for tomorrow, so I called PAR (Australian number 1800 101 607 - finding that out was the hardest part of the job) and asked to get onto PARiConnect to use their electronic administration.

I'm very impressed with the ease and speed of organising the whole thing - the customer support walked me through a very short and sweet set-up, and I was told that I have three free tests and reports to use. Yey!

The administration is online and one can use a computer or tablet to do it.

I still need to read their privacy policy in excruciating detail, considering that client data will be kept online, but otherwise I am good to go. By the way, my current policy is to only record clients initials with any online administrations. Any other systems out there?



  1. Interesting! Let me know how you get on with regard to privacy. I'm interested in using this for my PhD research, alone with Q Interactive.

    How does the pricing structure work out in Australia!

  2. Hi,
    I was happy with the privacy provisions for the purposes of my practice. PAR is HIPAA compliant and never accesses, mines or analyzes client data. There is encryption and no third party providers. However, I'd recommend that you check for yourself so that you are in compliance with your ethical requirements.

    Re. Australian pricing: I gather that we tend to pay a bit more than the US. To give you some numbers for comparison: TOGRA administrations are $2.50 each, with additional $2.50 for a report (sold with a minimum of 5). BRIEF administrations are $3.50 with $2.00 for scoring report or $6.00 fort interpretative report (also sold with a minimum of 5).

  3. I researched the prices a bit more, and the ones listed above are likely to be from the US. Mind you, I get the same pricing when I go to buy a test, so it is difficult to say.

  4. Thanks for that additional information. Very interesting. Im eager to use this platform anyway - if the budget allows. Just the time saved from scoring bulk administrations would be so useful.

    I'm told they are releasing the Brief2 next month, also.