Thursday, October 29, 2015

Happy Haloween!

Simple haloween plan for geeks and neuroscientists - check here.

How to make a red velvet brain cake here

Now for the sophisticated - panna cotta brains with raspberry blood sauce here.

Some savories: maggot infested brain shrimp cocktail here

Not as convincingly gory, but delicious: baked brie brains here.

Cauliflower brain dip here.

Now - something to drink. This one is very easy to make. Baileys in vodka curl up in just the right way. Full recipe here.

For the truly dedicated - exposed brain makeup tutorial here.

Have a great evening,

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  1. what you have shown is remarkably awesome Pediatric Neurologist like Birendra Trivedi of New York is soo found of such creativity...10/10 for the creativity