Thursday, July 16, 2015

Mobile phones in epilepsy care

Thank you to Katie Kirby for the new article on mobile phones in epilepsy care. Full text article can be accessed through here.

It includes information on:

Apps for patients and caregivers:
- apps to be used as a seizure diary, e.g.: Epilepsy Society App and My Epilepsy Diary
- information provision apps, such as Epilepsy Vault
- medication reminers, eg.: Dosecast - Medication Reminder, Medication Log

Apps for healthcare providers:
- medication information: e.g.: Medication guide, Generic Drug Encyclopedia
- information about drug interactions: Drug interaction, Drug Interactions (A-Z)
- dose calculators, e.g: Creatinine Clearance Calc, etc.

Apps for detection of epilepsy:
- Epdetect is an iPhone app that uses motion sensors to detect seizures.
- Smartmonitor's Smartwatch that transmits information about the seizure and the location of the patient to a pre-determined contact
- Affectiva's Q Sensor that uses galvanic skin response rather than movement to detect seizures, and to record their severity

A very nice article.  Thank you, Katie.


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