Monday, June 29, 2015

An update on ABC Active Memory

I wrote a while back on Active Memory, a new brain training program  developed in the Florey Institute in Melbourne. I have since received an email from Mary Castellani, a post-graduate student at LaTrobe. She points out that there is no published research on this product as yet, and no substantial information about it on the Florey or Uni of Melbourne websites.  The website indicates that users “Contribute to Research”, with University of Melbourne and Florey Institute logos embedded within the website. .

Mary has also included some links to interviews with Prof Wood, who created the program, and I thought they may be worth re-posting for those who are interested in what is happening in Melbourne's neuroscience:

All in the Mind

The Health Report

Thank you, Mary,

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  1. Re update on ABC Active Memory
    Dear Mary
    I am one of the co-developers of the the Active Memory program. As you note there are no published studies that have directly tested the effects of the Active Memory program. The games included in Active Memory are standard cognitive testing tasks that have been tested in other research programs (e.g., N-Back tasks).

    My colleagues and I are currently conducting studies using the Active Memory program. These include experimental studies to see if training on the Active Memory program has an effect on conversation and simulated driving tasks. We are also conducting a quasi experimental field study in an organisation to examine the effects of Active Memory training on well being and job performance.

    If you or anyone else is interested in collaborating on studies using the Active Memory, please contact me on

    Robert Wood