Monday, March 23, 2015

News update

Some news:

- I've just discovered that I had over 1000 page views last month. Well, well.

- I'm looking forward to a review of a virtual reality tool for testing attention in children promised by a lovely neuropsychologist from Sydney -stay tuned

- I am playing with the Vienna Test System which has got a gorgeous suite of tests of various aspects of attention and other goodies.  There are some technical difficulties, but I am getting through them, and as soon as I've played enough I'll publish a review.

- I am also planning to review MicroCog suggested by Arthur Shores, but need to research it first. Is there anybody routinely using it that would be willing to write a review?

- I've decided to start publishing news about brain training again. There are too many interesting things happening in that area. For example, Melbourne's Florey Institute, University of Melbourne and the ABC have issued a new brain training program aimed at the elderly: ABC Active Memory. It is fairly widely advertised, and we should expect our older clients to have tried it. We need to be aware that it uses both a modified form of STROOP and Trail Making Test. I think that soon the Trail Making Test will become useless for purposes of assessment. Having said that, the tasks in the ABC Active Memory are rather cleverly constructed and worth a look. For example, the highest level of Trail Making Test has letters, numbers and dots on dice.



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