Thursday, January 15, 2015

T-shirts again

I started the year with a lot of admin and now have a pack of new assessments that need to be written up. So for light relief I went searching for brain-related t-shirts.

I've checked, which used to have some nice ones and have been most impressed by how their collection has expanded. From brain images, MRI scans and chemical structure of neurotransmitters to t-shirts with slogans such as 'Area 25 made me do it'.

There is also a wide selection of t-shirts for our clients, including such beauties as: 'Concussions will mess with your head', 'Not today, darling, I had a craniotomy', or  'I have chemobrain, what is your excuse?'. Also and iPhone cover that says 'Keep calm and listen to the neuropsychologist'. I'd get a few if I was doing neuropsych rehabilitation.

Sadly, there is also a selection of t-shirts and gadgets with Stroop test.

I'm contemplating buying a t-shirt with 'I can't brain today, I have the dumb' that is just perfect for some  days. And a mug with 'Trust me, I am a neuropsychologist' to use at work.



PS: I am building up to some serious posts on computerised assessment tools. I'd appreciate guest posts from people who use them in their practice.

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