Sunday, October 26, 2014

Something every geeky neuropsychologist should have

With thanks to Les Posen who forwarded the link.

A New Zealand company Brainform offers 3D prints of your own brain from MRI scan files. $430 full scale, $140 half-size. Just the cortex, mind you, no subcortical structures included. No cerebellum either, which the website explains by saying:
"Partly because it looks like a scrotum, partly because the cortex is the most interesting to look at, and partly because sometimes the details of it don't segment out from scans that well."

If you don't have an MRI scan, you can always participate in research that requires an MRI - the site offers a free service linking clients with researchers that are looking for participants (this is also worth knowing if you are looking for subjects). If you don't feel like getting a scan, you can get a stock brain for $360 full scale or $100 half size.

I'm so tempted,


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