Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Medical food for dementia

This is not exactly technology, but it feels to be geeky enough to include here.

Katie Kirby sent a great post about Souvenaid, which is marketed as a medical food for dementia, with the company claiming that it increases synapse production, thus helping with memory in the early stages of the disease. It comes in small bottles, like a flavoured drink, and is supposed to include fish oils and other goodies in just the right proportion to improve brain function. I have to admit that it sounds good, apart from the price, which currently hovers around $20 for a 4-bottle pack - very expensive as it is supposed to be consumed once a day for a long period of time.

Here are links sent by Katie:

The NPS (National Prescribing Service) has just published its analysis of 3 RCTs involving Souvenaid:

Response from Nutricia:

It strikes me that a synapse-producing supplement could be of much more use in a population that is not actively losing neurons. I wonder how long it will take HSC students to start chugging it.


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