Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Q-interactive Hacks

For those who are considering moving to Q-interactive, here are some hacks and tips:

1. While Pearson claims not to support iPad mini, the mini works exactly like the bigger models. The only difference is the size of pixels - so the same screen real estate fits on a smaller device. All the apps for the big iPad work on the small one as well.
While the iPad for presenting information to clients needs to be full-size, the clinician's iPad can be a mini. I have been using the mini for quite a while now and have had no trouble.
Why would mini be better? For me it is the weight of my handbag. This iPad goes everywhere with me, because I can access my practice calendar, room booking and a few other important goodies from it. And after a few hours carrying it with me, the weight and size difference really matter. So if you are thinking of buying two iPads for the Q-interactive, it may be worthwhile to consider a mini as an option.

2. With thanks to Debbie Anderson who mentioned this hack at the latest CCN Conference:
Those of us who routinely plug in all the scores into a WAIS-WMS scoring program may as well save $4.40 per client by not administering SS and Cd on the iPad. You just need a timer to get a raw score, which you then put into the scoring program.

3. Also with thanks to Debbie Anderson, who devised this hack:
After each subtest, the iPad provides raw and scaled scores, which is very nice. It is useful to record these on a piece of paper. This is a backup in case of iPad malfunction (although it is a solid program, with no problems to date).  Also, it provides a convenient summary of scores to be plugged into the scoring program without opening the Q-interactive and digging into its bowels. I have made myself a nice recording sheet, with space for behavioural observations and find it very convenient.

4. If you are planning to buy the subscription in the near future, I have heard that it is worthwhile to do it now and pay before the end of the year, because the inclusion of the goodies that Pearson supplies with the subscription is finishing. The goodies include a pack each of all the forms you may be using with the Q-interactive, and the value considerably exceeds the price of subscription. I've heard that if you pay this year, you may set it up in such a way that the subscription time starts a bit later. Handy if you don't want to pay for holiday time. Also, you may want to give yourself time to use that free 1 month trial to skill up on the new way of administering things.


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