Thursday, August 8, 2013

For the record - cross posting

There are a few interesting geeky things floating around that I decided to cross-post, mainly so that I know where to find the information when and if I need it again:

a do-it-yourself IQ test on the iPad:
(cross-posting from Les Posen and Dougal from npinoz)
information to be found at:

The main problem with the app is that it is aimed at healthcare providers and patients, so tries to position itself above the typical 'women magazine' type of test. While it does seem to use some psychological background in test development, its confusion between WAIS and WISC is suggesting that the authors are not particularly good.
A concerning development.

(cross-posting from Skye McDonald on onpinoz)
A website with information about studies of treatments for psychological and neuropsychological disorders. Looks positively fantastic. A must for evidence-based practice.

SOS Mobile Watch
(cross-posting from Katie Kirby)
GPS tracking, alarm function and the ability for carer to call the person wearing the watch, even without the wearer having to press a button. Single press of the button can call family or monitoring service. Optus network.

Article on Neuropsychology in Medical Observer
(cross-posting from Less Posen)
Always nice to know that medicos are reading about us.

Is that a psychologist in your pocket? The use of smartphone apps and web based applications in psychology
(from APS mailout)
Presented by Dr Michael Carr-Gregg
I suspect that it won't have much for neuropsychologists, but for those of us who do treatment, it may be useful.
Friday, 20 September

On-line Resources
(cross-postings from Katie Kirby - these are fantastic - thank you Katie and Gloria)

Fitness to drive:
  • Ballarat Health Services Fitness to Drive seminar March 2012: link to presenters pdf + link to presentations: After clicking on Assessing Fitness to Drive, then click on the bolded segments to bring up the presentations

Memory website from a cognitive psychologist (some useful information in plain language):
Neurovascular Tutorial website (useful refresher):
Dorothy Bishop blog:
Scroll to bottom of webpage for link to blog.

A video and brief thoughts on the power of music by Oliver Sacks:

Squallor and Hoarding:
Squalor & Hoarding Toolkit:
Swinburne Uni Psychology Clinic:
Hoarding Related Research:
Vic Health Discussion Paper 2012:

Videos for carers of people with dementia:
A multidisciplinary team of researchers from The University of Queensland has developed a set of educational videos on communication and memory strategies for professional and home carers of people with dementia. The MESSAGE Communication Strategies in Dementia and the RECAPS Memory Strategies in Dementia videos can be accessed in full and free of charge at

Brain education website:
From Canadian Institutes of Health Research:

APA Guidelines for evaluation of dementia (article)

Rehabilitation literature databases:
Center for International Rehabilitation Research Information & Exchange:

National Rehabilitation Information Center:


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