Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Let the computer do the testing

Hello after a long blog break. My private practice has became nicely popular, which leaves very little time for everything else. Which is of course very good, although it doesn't leave much time for fun.

Anyway, while I was diligently working, there has been progress in the matter of computerised testing.

The iPad version of WAIS-IV, WISC-IV, CVLT and D-KEFS is getting very much closer, with Australian trials about to start. More about this a bit later.

Schuhfried Australia, another provider of computer-based neuropsychological tools, are working on translating their multiple references into English and have new manuals (currently available on request from John Ferguson, Schuhfried representative for Australia - john.ferguson@schuhfried.com.au, soon to be on their updated website).

There is also a small number of testing software available for a loan to clinicians for month of two to gain feedback on clinicians' experience and for research purposes. Schuhfried is also interested in getting universities to do some research on their software.

This is an good development: the Schuhfried software appears very convenient to use and much superior to our current instruments in areas such attention, information processing, or cognitive assessment related to fitness to drive. At least as much as one can judge by having a look at the software and its description. It appears that soon we will also be able to read some research on this.


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