Friday, October 19, 2012

Testing on an iPad - part 2

Testing visual neglect:

Star Cancellation by NeuropsychApps - free
This is an iPad version of the paper star cancellation task. Because an iPad's  screen is smaller than an A4 page, there is fewer stars to be found. It automatically scores omissions and repeated touching of stimuli. Unfortunately, no normative data. Nevertheless, I copied it down for the times when a test of neglect appears suddenly very useful and have nothing to hand. I have now checked it out and it is nicely intuitive and easy to use.

neglectTest by Jan Greve - $19.95
This one converts the pen and paper tests we  love and use for testing visuo-spatial function and neglect (e.g. a copy of a cube) into an electronic format. Results are converted to PDF so that they can be emailed or printed.
However, the description provided no information about any normative data, and the screen shots were in German, so considering the price I did not buy it. If somebody is interested enough to buy this app, please post a review in the comments.


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