Sunday, October 14, 2012

Testing on an iPad - Part 1

There are quite a few neuropsychological tests on the iPad, which are well hidden in the medical section of the AppStore. I've got a few posts coming on the topic. The first installment will describe apps by WhiteAnt Publishing run by Professor David Darby - a Behavioural Neurologist from Melbourne who recently presented his apps during our CCN seminar:

AustinMaze - $12.99
An app that  mimics the original mechanical maze and provides both error and time scoring. There are also two demo mazes, a Milner's pathway on 10x10 maze and a version with a random selection from 40 different pathways of the same length as the original Milner's one. 
The maze notifies you when the client reached two error-free trials.
Unfortunately, there are no normative data for the iPad version of the maze - wouldn't it be lovely if somebody collected some normative data? I think it would make a nice thesis...

ColorFormSort - 0.99
A nice reproduction of the old classic that is close to the original. A good buy for those of us who still occasionally use the test

TokenTest - $2.99
This one is an iPad version of a the Token Test. It is better than using coloured cardboard shapes that some of us (me included) have somewhere in their test library. Yes, norms for the electronic version would be lovely, but I got it anyway and now I'm ready for the odd client that presents with a language impairment.

SpanTests - $2.99
An electronic version of verbal and visual span tests. Quite a few version of visual span tests. Its main advantage is the fact that we don't have to demonstrate and score the longer visual spans - a task that always got me worried that the client will turn out to be better than me.

All in all, I think these are very good apps, nicely close to the original tests. They would be fantastic if someone could collect normative data. 


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