Saturday, August 11, 2012

Assessments over Skype or via videoconferencing

Liz Mullaly has recently sent an inquiry about people's experience of performing neuropsychological assessments using videoconferencing (I enclose her original email at the end of this post, with her permission, in case you have something to add to the topic).

At first, it seems to be unfeasible to perform an assessment via videoconferencing or Skype, with all the blocks and paperwork to manipulate. However, I have conducted quite a few assessment through a glass pane  and microphone/speaker arrangement in custody, where I can only move assessment materials across at the beginning and the end of a session - I thought that it parallels a video-conferenced assessment quite well and was thinking that if I can do this, I can surely do the same thing looking at a monitor.

I think that it could be done by Skype/videoconferencing quite successfully. The main thing would be having the camera show both the person and the desk at the same time, and having somebody present at least at the beginning and end of session to hand out and take away the materials. Although theoretically, this could be done by opening a sealed envelope during the session and re-sealing it in a secure way after the assessment is completed.

I believe that there is at least one Neuropsychologist may be doing assessments over Skype, and another who is thinking of doing initial interviews over Skype to screen people that are unsuitable for a formal assessment.

This is an exciting topic, I'd love to get a discussion going.


Original message:

"Elizabeth Mullaly" <> Aug 02 11:03PM +1000

Dear colleagues,
Has anybody had experience of conducting assessments via videoconferencing?
I have been asked to look into this as part of a project at Caulfiel  Hospital. My email is
Many thanks, Liz

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  1. Assessments over Skype is not feasible option as Skype is mainly used for conducting social and casual video interactions. As online assessments needs better security, I would recommend using tools like RHUB`s web conferencing servers. It works from behind the firewall, hence total security.