Wednesday, July 25, 2012

literature on technology in rehabilitation

Thanks to Katie Kirby and Gloria Smith-Tappe, below is a collection of articles on the use of technology in rehabilitation:

De Leo, G., Brivio, E., Sautter, S.W. (2011). Supporting Autobiographical Memory in Patients with Alzheimer's Disease Using Smart Phones. Applied Neuropsychology, 18:1, 69-76.

Svoboda, E.,  Richards, B., Leach L., &  Mertens V., (2012).PDA and smartphone use by individuals with moderate-to-severe memory impairment:Application of a theory-driven training programme, Neuropsychological Rehabilitation:An International Journal, 22:3, 408-427

De Joode, E.A., Van Boxtel, M.P.J., Verhey, F.R., Van Heugten, C.M. (2011). Use of assistive technology in cognitive rehabilitation: Exploratory studies of the opinions and expectations of healthcare professionals and potential users. Brain Injury, 2012, 1-10.

Apart from theory of smart phone applications, Gloria sent us a source of information about practice of implementing smart phones in brain injury rehabilitation. This website, supporting Implementing and evaluating Smart Phone Applications technology across the NSW Brain Injury Rehabilitation Program (BIRP) contains several useful documents offering practical advice.

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