Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Assistive Technology in the Workplace

The credit for this information goes to Katie Kirby and Gloria Smith-Tappe.

This seems to be an excellent, very thorough compilation of various technologies of which, I believe, we need to be aware. A whole range of gadgets and services that I was not aware of. For example, did you know that sign language interpreting is available via Skype?

Assistive Technology in the Workplace for People with a Disability

University of Ballarat

Exploring the use of assistive technology in the workplace can be the difference between getting or missing out on a job. This needs employees, potential employees and all those who help them getting to know about the wide range of assistive technology available, how to access it and how to source potential funding. Employers also need this information to best assist current and potential staff.

This booklet includes sections on assistive technology for people who are deaf/hearing impaired, are blind/vision-impaired, are deaf/blind, have physical disabilities, and have a learning disability. It also includes a section on the accessibility features of smartphones/iPads/tablet computers and a section on JobAccess and the Disability Employment Service.


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