Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A very worthwhile seminar

I have the pleasure to announce a seminar that will take place in August in Melbourne.

New Technology and Neuropsychology:
A multidisciplinary panel presentation and discussion.

With the recent explosion in the number of IT products in the marketplace, it is important that neuropsychologists remain up to date with the technologies available. This education seminar will provide an update as to some of the recent advances in IT and how they may benefit neuropsychologists. Four speakers will cover a variety of topics and a panel discussion will follow. Audience members will be encouraged to contribute to the discussion with their own IT experiences.

Professor David Darby
Lightening the load - iPad oriented task design for the 21st century
Prof Darby graduated from Medicine at the University of Melbourne in 1981, completing a PhD in neurology and neuropsychology in 1990, and his neurology training in 1991. Prof Darby has published over 80 research papers in international peer-reviewed scientific journals and has co-authored a neuropsychological textbook with Prof Kevin Walsh. He is a consultant for CogState Ltd , which he helped found in 1999, to develop computerized cognitive testing instruments for early detection of dementia in the earliest stages and is also Associate Professor at the University of Melbourne.

Dr. Edward Theologis
Medications made simpler with your iPhone
Dr. Theologis is a consultant psychiatrist with the Brain Disorders Program at Austin Health. His private practice utilises ‘Telehealth’, focussing on the delivery of health consults via services such as Skype.

Libby Callaway
Current considerations in the use of smartphone technology for people with ABI.
Libby Calloway is an Occupational Therapist with extensive clinical experience in ABI rehabilitation. She is also a researcher/lecturer at Monash University and the Research Manager at the Summer Foundation.

Izabela Walters
Technical tricks and gadgets for enhancing professional efficiency in clinical practice.
Izabela Walters is a neuropsychologist who works full time in private practice, is the National CCN webmaster and “resident geek”.

Yes, I will be there sharing my tricks for running a private practice, and I am looking forward to hearing all the geeky information that the other speakers will impart.

Come along to the Geek Fest!

It is taking place Tuesday 28th August 2012 at Michael Chamberlain Theatre, St Vincents Hospital:

6pm - cocktail party
6:30 - presentation
8:00 - cocktail party continues

For those of you that haven't received the information through e-mail, go to to register. For those who have received the e-mail, apologies for cross-posting, but how could I not?


  1. A great app for psychologists with includes many psychometric tests is called NovoPsych. It has the DASS-42 and 15 other tests. I wonder if they will mention it at this talk? The link is

  2. Hi Ben,
    You sent me an email about this app and promised that I can have a look at a copy (sorry not to reply yet, been awfully busy), so quite likely :-). It does not have any neuropsychology - specific tests yet, but hopefully you will be including these in the future.