Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A new study on smartphones in rehabilitation - subjects needed

I am re-posting a message I have received from Dana Wong. I think this study is worth supporting.

Dear all,

I'm writing to ask for help recruiting participants for a study that is being conducted by Elizabeth Seabrook, who is currently completing her Psychology Honours at Monash University and is being supervised by Jennie Ponsford, Adam McKay and I. We are looking at the way in which people who have sustained a TBI are using smartphones (e.g., iPhones, Blackberrys, Android phones) in everyday life, what their attitudes and experiences have been with these devices, and how cognitive, social, emotional, and occupational functioning may be related to the patterns of use, and barriers to the use of smartphones.  We're doing this study because we think smartphones have a great potential to be applied in TBI rehabilitation as a platform on which a number of assistive strategies may be integrated. We are therefore hoping that our research will not only show us what the patterns of smartphone use are in the TBI population, but also provide us with an indication of the functional barriers that may need to be addressed when designing effective interventions for clients using smartphones.
We are hoping to recruit participants to complete a survey about smartphone use, as well as questionnaires addressing daily functioning.  These measures may be completed at Monash University, Epworth Hospital (Richmond), at the participant's home, or over the phone. We are looking for individuals who:
  • Are over 16 years of age
  • Have a history of TBI
  • Have no other premorbid neurological condition
  • Have an adequate ability to speak and read English
Potential participants do NOT need to have any prior experience with smartphones - we need both people who use smartphone and those who don't.  Clients with a history of psychiatric disorder and/or alcohol/substance use can be included.  Participants will go into the draw to win an iPod shuffle.

The process of recruitment would be that clinicians would give the attached flyer to clients who meet the above criteria, and obtain their permission to be contacted by Liz, and/or ask them to contact Liz directly.  If you are willing to give the flyer to your clients, we would be most grateful - please contact Elizabeth Seabrook at for further info.

We have ethics approval for this study from both Epworth HREC and Monash University.

Many thanks,
unfortunately, it is a bit difficult to attach a file to a blog post, but I suspect that Elizabeth Seabrook will be happy to forward an electronic copy of the brochure. 

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