Monday, May 28, 2012


This is not exactly related to neuropsychology, but such delicious geek candy has to be shared. Go here, watch the video and see why we will start looking like magicians next year - hand gestures and all. I'm looking forward to this.

Apps for people with head injury - a nice collection

I found a nice little presentation of iphone/ipad apps recommended for people with brain injury here. I do not necessarily agree with all their recommendations, but there are some good ideas. I was particularly impressed with ClearRecord Premium app which is an audio recorder that suppresses ambient background noise and lets you control the replay speed without the voices sounding like depressed androids or chipmunks. This seems like the sound recorder to get - for both our clients and ourselves.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Another interesting blog

For those with a medico-legal bent, I can recommend an interesting blog:

It  deals with American law, but also offers some good references to interesting articles, especially about mild head injury.


Neuro Film Festival 2012

A wonderful resource - a gathering of short films produced to raise awareness about brain disorders. The winning entries can be found here and the whole set of films here.

Warning: very addictive.


Nana Technology

I am not quite sure whether to be appalled or amused by the term 'Nana Technology'. A bit of both, I think. But I spotted it on the internet trawling for some technological news for the elderly, and knowing internet, in two months everybody is going to use it. The site to blame is:

Worth having a look for a nice overview of new technological gimmicks to help with mobility and cognitive difficulties. Uses flash, so you have to watch it on a computer, not on an iPad.

Some other interesting gimmicks include:
- a stove sensor to prevent unattended cooking fires
- an automated medication alarm and dispenser
- motion sensor system that detects changes in routine and alerts caregivers

Some of these technologies may not yet be available in Australia, but it is always interesting to see what is coming next.