Tuesday, March 20, 2012

a new delightful blog

I have just discovered a new blog: neurocritic.blogspot.com.au . Very scrumptious. Recent posts include the discussion of whether the human dorsal stream really processes elongated vegetables and a review of 2012 Neuro Film Festival entries that are available on YouTube. The short films seem extremely interesting, and I see an evening spent with YouTube in my very near future.

You can also find where to buy a realistic chocolate skull. Custom made online, allow 3 weeks for casting and time for delivery (I wonder if one can get it delivered to Australia. Without melting. Maybe in winter.)


Monday, March 19, 2012

A tip from a client

I have just picked a great tip on shopping apps from a client with memory problems!

The Woolworths and Coles apps allow you to scan barcodes of items you run out of to add to your shopping list. You can, of course, type stuff as well. It lets you find your nearest shop and the Woolworths app organizes your shopping list by that shop's aisle. Nice!


Saturday, March 10, 2012

The sound of one hand typing

This series of apps for Macintosh are designed for those who used to touch-type and lost the use of one hand.

One-Hand Keyboard lets you type the good-hand equivalent of a letter your bad hand would normally type and uses lets the computer figure out what you meant to type. So for example, instead of typing 'this', you would type 'tges' using mirror equivalent of keys you would normally type with your right hand. The computer figures out what you want to say. Apparently the substitution is easy to learn, but I reserve judgement.

The app is fairly expensive, at 133.99, but there is a cut-down free version for free practice and testing the application.
There is also a free application (Mirror-QWERTY), where you need to press the space bar every time you type the equivalent letter to let the computer know what you mean.

Well worth exploring for those who lost the use of one hand and want to do some typing.