Thursday, February 23, 2012

An app to improve concentration

This one is equally good for neuropsychologists and their clients. Unfortunately, as it runs on Android smartphones, so I'll have to search for an iPhone equivalent.

StayOn Task app beeps at you at unpredictable intervals and you have to touch either the 'on task' or 'off task' button to get it quiet again. As we all know, monitoring a behaviour improves it, so it should result in more on-task behaviour.

As far as I am aware this app does not record data - it is just meant to remind you to keep on task. The frequency of alarms can be adjusted according to whether you chose 'on task' or 'off task' last time it checked.

A most amusing blog

I have come across a new blog (, that deals with psychology and neuroscience. Most amusing. For example, it comments on a recent medical study of the Haitian zombies (here), and a law requiring psychologists or psychiatrists to wear a wizard's hats when testifying during a defendant's competency hearing. The law, intended to be a satire, was passed unanimously in New Mexico in 1995. It was, however, removed from the bill before it became law.
Interestingly, the blog mentions a legal piece that asserts that test forms are not subjects to copyright in the US (here)... An interesting legal development worth following up.
Have a look!