Friday, December 9, 2011

Fruit Ninja

This is an iPad app in which you slash through on-screen fruit with your finger, with lovely sound effects and mess. I have heard of it being used by a stroke patient to rehabilitate his hand function. Recently, I heard something on the radio about its use in therapy.

Not sure if anybody has done any efficacy studies yet, but I am certain that patients had fun.

I have done some investigation myself and it is definitively enjoyable.


Thursday, December 8, 2011

GPS shoes for patients who wander

Interesting possibilities here. A recent media report said that 3000 missing persons reports were filed each year in Australia for people with dementia who wander. Perhaps devices like these shoes could help keep track of them?

Tuesday, December 6, 2011


This free application was launched by Alzheimer's Australia last month. It gives you a chance to do a brain health check (based on lifestyle and health factors), to rate your brain health each week, and to play a few games that look deceptively simple, but which can be quite challenging.

A nice thing about it is the inclusion of little facts about dementia, brain health, and steps that people can take to hopefully reduce their chances of dementia - like eating a healthy diet, engaging in regular physical and social activity, and doing mentally stimulating activities - including novel ones.

It's a nice, simple app that is easy to use, and would be useful for anyone interested in maintining good brain health.

Monday, December 5, 2011

The latest in iPhone, iPad and iPod apps for psychologists

Technology for Psychologists blog has a freshly updated list of apps for iGizmos at

I think it is worth a look


Dropbox Part 2

Two other great features why I think it can be so useful:

- Dropbox lets you share your folders with others. Any changes made to the shared folder's contents will appear instantaneously to everyone who is a member of the folder. Great option for shared private practice for example, or writing papers with others, or sharing docs with supervision groups!

- Dropbox also keeps back-ups of all of your deleted and changed files. It works like a time machine - you can "travel" back to an older version of docs you have previously saved!

Please have a look at security and privacy - I think is all ok. But if anybody sees any concerns, please let us all know.

I have been using Dropbox for quite a while and can't do without anymore.


Saturday, December 3, 2011

Dropbox - the best thing since sliced bread

This application allows you to get into your documents from any computer, at any time, even if your home computer is switched off. You can also work on a document on your home computer, then on a laptop and have only the latest copy of the document on both machines. Incidentally, it also provides you with secure, off-site backup of your work.

How does it work?

You have a special Dropbox folder on your computer that copies all documents inside it to a folder that lives somewhere on the internet. Any time you change a document, it automatically changes its copy in cyberspace (but it does back up a previous version in case you want to return to it).

You can set up the same folder on two computers, and its contents will match on both machines as long as you have connection to the internet.

Or you can access the internet copy of your folder from any computer (or ipad, or iphone), and read or download it.

It is very easy to set up and use, and works on both Macs and PCs.

It is handy if you see clients in one location and write reports in another. It also allows you to access a document you desperately need from any location on the planet.

And guess what?


Well, up to a certain amount of storage. If you want more storage, you have to pay, but I have not exceeded my free storage allotment yet. Even though I have put my whole Documents folder into the Dropbox folder. You will exceed it for sure, though, if you want to back up your pictures or films.

I have reviewed all the small print regarding security and confidentiality of data and I am happy with it. However, I would strongly recommend that you perform your own review and arrive at your own decision.

For more information, including a somewhat daft video, check out