Sunday, November 27, 2011

Trail Making Test - new training possibilities!

This is a dark side of technology.

The app store has a 'game based upon one of the most frequently administered neuropsychological tests used to assess general brain function'. You can easily find it by searching for 'Trail Making Test'.
The app allows you to practice the TMT to improve your performance and speed. Both Trails A and B are included, although there are fewer items than in our version (I think Trails A goes up to 10 and Trials B up to E). Otherwise, it looks almost identical.

I have also heard from a client that she has practiced Stroop on her DS. I think it is included in The Brain Training game (has anybody looked at it and can offer a review?).*

Should we start routinely asking younger clients whether they have played games that were like our tests?

Does anybody know any other tests that were converted into games?


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