Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanks to Faye Simpson for alerting me to this website, which says it is a "market research and advisory service for the cognitive health assessment and testing market, and larger neurodiagnostic industry".

It provides online memory screening tests (digit span, spatial memory, and 'cognitive function and performance' tests), as well as downloads for 2 free cognitive screens and information on Medicare cognitive screening for the US.

The site seems to be set up to help GPs screen for cognitive difficulties in the clinic, but I worry about having a test like digit span available for people to practice on the web. Though it was amusing to read that most people can recall 8 to 10 digits in a row. Whatever happened to 7 plus or minus 2?

Making cognitive screens more available is commendable, as is raising awareness of dementia in primary health providers, but I'm not entirely comfortable about having so much information about the tests so freely available. Commercial interests seem to override the need to protect the integrity of the tests, which could render them useless...

we live in interesting times

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