Thursday, November 24, 2011

App: It's Done!

It's Done is a task manager that lets people manage daily activities. Apparently it has the power to send immediate "completed" notifications to caregivers (or clinicians), making behaviour tracking easy.
It's Done is available for $2.99 at the App Store. To get more info, this is the homepage:
Sylvian Roy (Clinical Neuropsychologist, see also previous post) highly recommends this application as it is unique and can be used by anyone who is distractible or who has memory difficulties. He suggests case studies which examine whether the app leads to measurable changes in e.g. patients’ life satisfaction, daily functioning, and caregiver stress. For a review of this app, please see his blog (7-11-2011).
Would be fantastic to hear more experiences from clinicians, patients and caregivers.
Pascalle Bosboom
Clinical Neuropsychologist

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  1. Thanks for sharing this app, Pascalle!
    I bought it a month or so ago to try it out, and I think it would be very handy for our tech-savvy, memory-reduced clients. The reminder function is useful for the neuropsychologist who occasionally forgets to out out the rubbish, or turn on the dishwasher. While I don't need to send a notification to anyone that I've done these things, families and carers of clients would find it reassuring to get the text or email notification when a task has been completes.