Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Another GPS tracker

SeniorSafe GPS is another tracking/alarm/communication device for the elderly and can be obtained from IntelliTrac Imagine
Phone: 1 300 767 492

It also provides tracking, and the ability to make some calls from it.

The company claims that the running costs are low, but it seems to me that it would cost $300 per year to run and $499 to buy the unit. If this is low cost, how much the other devices cost?

For those of us with kids - there is also a model for tracking your kiddies without call-out options. Not sure if I like the idea.


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  1. I have 2 of these devices.
    1. The IntelliTrac Seniorsafe which costs $300 per year to run, but that also includes the data sim card and internet access fee. Real time tracking at 3 minutes, historical data and more.

    2. The IntelliTrac KidSafe which i supply my own sim card. It stillcosts me $240 per year to provide a prepaid sim card and this device only works on SMS tracking. I request a position and get an SMS with a position displayed on a google map on my Iphone. It does not have any historical data.

    The extra $10 per month is well spent in my opinion becuase it provides internet access, historical data, excel based reports and email based alerts.

    I have tried the DIY units sold on Ebay and all are not as good as these products. I have one for my child to track on the way to school on the bus, and one for my elderly mother who is starting to suffer dimentia